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With over 900 listings on our company's website, I often get do we get more buyer interest in our property?  There are many ways to get interest from buyers...especially when there are so many options.  The number one way is to price your property so competitively that it stands out in a crowd.  If properties are selling between $150,000 and $160,000 just like yours, why not price your place at $159,900 to $164,900 instead of "trying" it at $174,900?  Many owners tell me they want to leave room to negotiate.  My feeling has always been...price it to sell.  You know what your bottom line is.  Every buyer compares properties based on features and price.  If you are priced at $159,900 and the other listings are $170,000 and up...will the buyer ask you to accept $140,000?  Possibly.  Does that mean you need to?  No.  You can counter right back at $157,000 if that is your bottom line.  Yes...every buyer would like to get a good deal but if properties run between $159,900 and $179,900 and closed sales are between $150,000 to $160,000...they know you are priced right and may not negotiate as much as a listing $20,000 more.  Buyers are smart.  They may try to "steal" a property but if they have done their homework, they know a good price when they see it.  With the amount of inventory on the market, my advice is you price your property close to what you would like to get and let yourself STAND OUT IN THE CROWD.  What you decide to accept is totally up to you.  You may even find you get multiple offers because you are priced so well.  I have seen it many times.  Happy selling!!
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