Ocean View Forest

Manabi, MN 0000


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  REF/ID # 514327

 Approx. 370 Acres

Kimberly Ann Kagan
Island Estates International
Phone: 312.985.7703
Cell Phone: 098.621.2688
E-mail: kimberly@ieiecuador.net


All Information Deemed Accurate but not Warranted.

The ultimate in OFF-GRID!  This exclusive listing is 370 acres (150 hectares) of pristine ocean-view forest on the magnificent Manabi coast of Ecuador.  The land additionally has fresh water access with one well already built.  This land is fully deeded and the taxes are paid up to date.  Annual taxes are approximately $300 per/year.

Situated within 30 minutes to one hour access to major tourism destinations (whale watching, fishing, snorkeling) and the largest cruise entry point to Ecuador, this land is perfect for anyone considering a unique development concept, forest preservation or the ultimate off-grid living.  The land has wild grapefruits, oranges, pineapple, coffee and other varieties on-site.  Additionally, there is a large population of the famous Guayakan trees, known for their annual yellow blossoming.

There are even three families of monkeys that live in the area and regularly can be found amidst the trees.